Based at Nyutabaru the Hiko Kyodotai (Tactical Fighter Training Squadron) is the Japan Air Self Defence Force’s dedicated aggressor squadron and operates some of the most colourful F-15s in the world, the unit provides air combat training for the JASDF’s combat units.


Hiko Kyodotai predominately operates the two-seat Mitsubishi F-15DJ Eagle, although a few single seat F-15Js are also on strength, it also has several Kawasaki T-4 trainers for training and liaison duties.


Most of the F-15s are painted in very colourful and unique camouflage schemes. In contrast to United States Air Forc aggressor units, which tend to carry colour schemes loosely based on the camouflage of potentially hostile nations, the Hiko Kyodotai colour schemes follow no set pattern and are without doubt very photogenic.