TLP 2013

Albacete air base, Spain


The Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) hosted aviation enthusiasts from around the world over two days in October 2013.


Albacete Air Base was opened in April 1929 and has a rich history in ensuring the defense of the Spanish air space. It has passed through different phases and hosted many different types of aircrafts (trainers, bombers, cargo aircrafts, fighters). In 1974 the 14th Wing was created with the arrival of the Mirage F1s which have been replaced by EF2000s (Eurofighter) during summer of 2013.


Marking this important point in the history of the base a new artistic sculpture adorns the roundabout at the entrance to the base featuring the plan of both the outgoing Mirage F.1 and the new Eurofighter.


Enthusiasts enjoyed good weather and viewed the afternoons mission from the runway edge, the welcome by the Spanish air force and the staff of TLP was very warm and enjoyed by all.